ToKe'MaThS - Premium

ToKe'MaThS - Premium 4

ToKe'MaThS – Premium software program to teach math to 7 to 14 year olds through interactive game

ToKe'MaThS – Premium software program is a fully developed application designed with the energetic demographic of seven to fourteen year olds in mind.

Based upon the premise of some other training programs, the player is given the opportunity to capture and train little creatures. These slippery critters can only be captured by solving certain math problems.

The types of math problems presented are designed to be solvable by the average pre-teenager. As more equations are solved in ToKe'MaThS – Premium software program, the closer to capturing one of the creatures becomes.

Once they are caught, additional and more difficult math problems are presented and solved in order to train the critter. ToKe'MaThS – Premium software program is ideal for teachers and parents who want a fun platform to reinforce basic and complex math problems and concepts.

The program is compatible with all Windows versions from Windows 95 and newer. Students will find the vivid graphics and fast pace of the ToKe'MaThS – Premium software program very entertaining.

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ToKe'MaThS - Premium


ToKe'MaThS - Premium 4

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